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Franklin's Gull (Larus pipixcan)
closeup of photo below
First-winter immature at San Fernando, Trinidad, 9 December 2000. Photo © by Floyd Hayes. Second record for T&T. Note the slightly smaller size, more rounded head, shorter bill, more contrasting half-hood and clean white sides compared with a first-winter Laughing Gull (L. atricilla).This species was first recorded for Trinidad at Port of Spain on 5 January 1999, when Douglas McNair and Floyd Hayes found an immature; up to two immatures and an adult were subsequently seen at Waterloo until 20 March 1999 (TTRBC 1999-4). The second record was of an immature found at Waterloo by Graham White on 3 December 2000; it was seen the following day and presumably this bird plus another immature were seen repeatedly at San Fernando from 9 December 2000 to 22 April 2001.
close-up of photo below
Alternate plumaged adult moulting into basic plumage at San Fernando, Trinidad, 10 November 2001. Photo © by Floyd Hayes. Third record for T&T. Note the slightly smaller size, shorter bill, rounder head, darker hood, broader white eye crescents, shorter legs and broader white tips to primaries compared with Laughing Gulls.