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Grey Heron (Ardea cinerea)
Immature at Caroni Rice Fields, Trinidad, 28 August 2001. Photo © by Courtenay Rooks. Second for Trinidad, third for T&T and fifth for South America. This elusive bird was found on 26 August 2001 by Nigel Lallsingh, Keisha Lallsingh and Floyd Hayes. Note the short bill, pale forecrown and white patch on the carpal joint. This species is distinguished from the similar Great Blue Heron (A. herodias) by its white thighs (not visible in this photograph; rufous in Great Blue), white patch on the carpal joint (rufous in Great Blue), smaller size and shorter bill; furthermore, an immature Great Blue Heron has a black crown. An immature Cocoi Heron (A. cocoi) is larger, paler necked and has a proportionately bigger head and longer bill (click here for photo). It is still lurking in the Caroni Rice Fields and has been observed once at the Trincity Sewage Ponds.